Delivery Terms

Delivery of Products. To maintain the produce quality after delivery, we recommend that you immediately refrigerate your ordered items. In an effort to meet the committed delivery times for all of our customers, our delivery personnel cannot wait for an inspection of the items delivered. 

Delivery Requirements. To receive delivery, you must live in a residential apartment or home and you or an authorized representative must be present to receive your order from our delivery personnel on the confirmed delivery date. The authorized representative can accept your goods when you are not present at the time you had selected for delivery and shall accept the goods under all of the same terms and conditions that would apply had you accepted the delivery yourself. Anyone at the delivery address who receives the delivery is conclusively presumed to be authorized to receive the delivery. If you, your doorman, and your authorized representative are not present during your selected delivery window, we will use commercially reasonable efforts to contact you. If we are unable to redeliver the order to you for any reason, the order will be canceled and you will be charged a cancellation fee as described above. 

Unattended Delivery. In certain areas, Davocadoguy may offer unattended delivery. If you indicate in the note section at checkout “unattended delivery”, you, and not Davocadoguy, are solely responsible for the produce left at your delivery location. 

Inclement Weather and Unforeseen Delivery Complications. In the case of inclement weather or unforeseen delivery complications, it may be necessary to make adjustments to our delivery schedule which will cause us to suspend chosen delivery dates and times. If there will be a significant delay in delivering your order, a customer service representative may call or e-mail you to let you know the status of your delivery time. We will attempt to deliver your order as quickly as possible when the conditions permit. If your designated delivery location (e.g. street closure) or day is inaccessible, rendering us unable to make the delivery, we will contact you to determine the best alternate location and/or date to make the delivery. 

Tip. We currently are not able to offer tipping options on our website. Please feel free to venmo tips for the team under @davocadoguy. Tips will be pooled and split among the entire Davoteam. Another option is to provide a cash tip at the time your order is delivered. Our personnel is allowed to accept tips. 

Delivery Fee. Deliveries are currently free but may be subjet to change at anytime.